Custom Gift Baskets

I am so excited to be adding this section to my blog - my passion for gift baskets is obnoxiously addictive and as much as I fail I always find my way back to this passion.

I have been creating gift baskets all my life, because it truly bothers me only gifting one or two things in an standard gift bag, but I only got serious about offering my services to all of you this year and it's been a joyful rollercoaster.

Aside from creating themed and personalized gift baskets per your requests, I am adding a monthly subscription option for my lovely ladies that need a little extra TLC during their time of the month.

Launching this July is a basket I've always found myself gifting my self throughout my period week and i figured why not put my passion and ambition together and create something I believe in and enjoy making!

We thrive to provide you with a variety of different items every month that'll comfort you and be conveniently available for when you most need it, items include snacks, home fragrances and decor, facial products, comfy garments, lotions and so much more.

Gift Basket Services Available 

Themed Gift Baskets for any occasion and gender - Prices vary between $34 - $100 per basket depending on the theme and items. Free delivery for the GTA. Contact us to know more! 

Sweet Rescue Basket as a monthly subscription for my lovely ladies needing some extra tender, love and care during their PMS phase. Since we are launching this July, for the month of July and August baskets prices will be locked at $40 per basket with free delivery! 

Stay tuned for giveaways on our social media outlets and follow us for more updates, sneak peaks and information! 

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