About Me

Welcome to my blog that grows and changes quite often. My name is Ana and I am a proud European living in Canada, a beautiful country I love to call home. I was born in a small town called Corticois, in PT and grew older in the city of Toronto, CA - as a teenager who biked across the city, ate pizza and drank water, I believed I would be a city girl forever, but once reality knocked on my adult door I began to realize, city life is not for me. Although, living in the city as a teenager has opened numerous amount of doors for all kinds of opportunities for me to grow and better my self.

I feel beyond thankful of my life experiences and where I am today. I have been on the blogging boat for quite few years now and something I'm so happy for, is all the steps I take forward and how I always keep coming back to add more. I have loved everything about beauty since I was a little girl, especially with the godmother I have, she is a goddess! From a young age I've always been intrigued by the new techniques and trends and I love reviewing products with my honest feedback. I have created this blog as my own digital book filled with Beauty Ideas and Reviews as well as Lifestyle living.

Quick Fact: I despise gifting items in a gift bag, as also gifting only one or two items. Which brings us into the other portions of this website. I have began providing Custom Gift Basket services for anyone wanting to spice up their gift gifting. There is a page dedicated for this part, head over to Custom Gift Baskets to find out more!

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